Three years collaboration with 5+1AA Genoa’s office, (now Alfonso Femia Ateliers and Gianluca Peluffo and Partners) in seamless collaboration with Paris and Milan agencies.

Team Design for various projects in Italy and France, both competitions, direct procedures and tenders for constructions. 3D modeling, rendering and visualizing both as single operator and coordinator for more than 20 different projects.

Six months teamwork for the Detail Desing phase for the renovation of the historical Banca d’Italia‘s directional building in Rome.
VectorWorks BIM Specialist and Designer for pilot projects in Italy.

Responsable for Calata Paita harbour development in La Spezia and Aresenale Austriaco renovation in Verona, and minor competitions.

Among the others:

AAL -  Retail, IT

ATS2 -  School, IT
AQB -  Housing, IT
CGE - Stadium, IT
FRV - Leisure, IT
GCW - Offices, CH
GVZ - Villa, IT

HCG - Museum, FI

LBL  - Housing, FR
LCU - School, IT
MCS - Hospital, IT
MCV - School, IT
MRU - Housing, FR
PFS - Hospital, IT

PPB - Offices, FR
PPI - Offices, FR
RBI - Offices, IT
SLB - Offices, FR
SVA - Leisure, IT
VRP - Museum, IT