Master Thesis | Prof. G.Galli | 2013

Despite its origin in the generative art field, the aesthetic of the so called Digital Architecture is more and more turning into a style, where the process loses importance on behalf of the final look of the project and the correspondence with a general idea of Digital Style.

In my research I applided a typical digital procedure to a traditionalist idea of architecture: a Shape Grammar based on Leon Krier’s principles for the development of cities; more precisely I encoded the typologies designed for his project of Atlantis, Tenerife into a causal system able to generate persuasive Copycats of both recognizable landmarks (Res Privata) and urban fabric (Res Publica) at larger scale.

The whole work is developed as an iteration gradually applied to wider and wider scale: from the singular building entity to the whole city layout; at first it generates analogue aliases of the original design, precisely mimicing the original design with a believable replica.

Secondly it passes the most succesful copies to be assembled in a larger-scale system; the geometric principles are a balance between Krier’s proposal for a Polycentric City and it’s counterpart - Central City by Christaller.

In conclusion the grid expands in areliefs aware environment at the scale of the whole Island of Tenerife, considering as limits for the hypothetical expansion the geographical boundaries of the island solely.

The final result is intended to provide evocative scenarios, an utopian expansion of a traditional settlement, which development is obtained using tools lent from a different field.